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Definition of Heteromorphism

noun Alt. of Heteromorphy

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hetВ·erВ·oВ·morВ·phic (h t -r -mС„r f k). adj. 1. Having different forms at different periods of the life cycle, as in stages of insect metamorphosis. 2. Differing from the - Cached - Similar

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Heteromorphism: Something that is different in form. Chromosome heteromorphisms are normal variations in the appearance of chromosomes. Last Editorial - Cached - Similar

Chromosome heteromorphisms: an impact on infertility

7 May 2008 ... Cytogenetic heteromorphisms are described as heritable variations at specific chromosomal regions without a proven impact on - Similar

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[edit] English. [edit] Noun. heteromorphism (plural heteromorphisms). A diversity of form. A feature that is heteromorphic. Retrieved from - Cached - Similar

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... Spanish; Medical; Concise Encyclopedia. heteromorphic. hetВ·eroВ·morВ·phic. adj \-Л€mИЇr-fik\. Definition of HETEROMORPHIC. 1. : deviating from the usual form - Cached - Similar

Human Chromosome Variation: Heteromorphism and Polymorphism

Human Chromosome Variation: Heteromorphism and Polymorphism was formerly printed under the title “Atlas of Human Chromosome Heteromorphism” - Cached - Similar

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/ЛЊhЙ›tЙ™rЙ™Л€mЙ”rfЙЄk/ Show Spelled[het-er-uh-mawr-fik] Show IPA. adjective. 1. Biology. dissimilar in shape, structure, or magnitude. 2. Entomology. undergoing - Cached - Similar

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The state or character of being heteromorphic; deviation from a type or norm, or from congruity. Specifically— In entomology, existence under different forms at - Cached - Similar