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Definition of Ileocaecal

adjective Pertaining to the ileum and caecum.

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  • Retinaculum noun A connecting band; a fraenum; as, the retinacula of the ileocaecal and ileocolic valves.noun One of the annular ligaments...
  • Ileocolic adjective Pertaining to the ileum and colon; as, the ileocolic, or ileocaecal, valve, a valve where the ileum opens into the...

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The ileocecal valve, or ileocaecal valve, is a papillose structure with physiological sphincter muscle situated at the junction of the small intestine ( ileum) and the - Cached - Similar

Do You Experience Unexplained Symptoms? It Could Be An ...

4 Aug 2006 ... Do you have any unexplained health problems that no one can seem to get to the bottom of? You could have a dysfunctional ileocaecal Symptoms?-...Ileocaecal... - Cached -

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a. 1. (Anat.) Pertaining to the ileum and cжcum. How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle, or visit - Cached - Similar

Ileo Caecal Valve (ICV) Syndrome. Training and Treatments.

A malfunctioning Ileo-Caecal Valve is an extremely common condition. It can give rise to an almost unbelievable list of distressing symptoms. It is frequently the - Cached - Similar

Primary Ileocaecal Lymphoma :Clinico-Pathological Features and ...

treatment in primary ileocaecal lymphomas. Fifteen patients with primary ileocaecal lymphoma ... ileocaecal region is common in India (5,6) and other - Cached - Similar

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ileocaecal (not comparable) ... squirting through the ileocaecal valve are eerie and astounding; they may not be for everyone, but if you want reality, it doesn't get - Cached - Similar

Ileo-Cecal Valve

Energy Balancing International Home. Ileo-Cecal Valve. The Ileo-Cecal valve is a small muscle located between the small and large intestine. Found only on the - Cached - Similar

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Ileocaecal definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation , synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

Ileo-caecal tuberculosis

EDITORIAL SYNOPSIS Seven patients with proven ileo-caecal tuberculosis and six others in whom the ... the ileo-caecal valve, among patients admitted to the - Similar