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Definition of Ilium

noun The dorsal one of the three principal bones comprising either lateral half of the pelvis; the dorsal or upper part of the hip bone. See Innominate bone, under Innominate.

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  • Supra-ilium noun The cartilaginous cap at the sacral end of the ilium of some animals.
  • Iliac adjective Pertaining to ancient Ilium, or Troy.adjective Pertaining to, or in the region of, the ilium, or dorsal bone of the...
  • Ilial adjective Pertaining to the ilium; iliac.
  • Iliofemoral adjective Pertaining to the ilium and femur; as, iliofemoral ligaments.
  • Antitrochanter noun An articular surface on the ilium of birds against which the great trochanter of the femur plays.
  • liad noun A celebrated Greek epic poem, in twenty-four books, on the destruction of Ilium, the ancient Troy. The Iliad is ascribed to...
  • Ilio- A combining form used in anatomy to denote connection with, or relation to, the ilium; as, ilio-femoral, ilio-lumbar, ilio-psoas,...
  • Poupart's ligament A ligament, of fascia, extending, in most mammals, from the ventral side of the ilium to near the symphysis of the pubic bones.

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noun, plural il·i·a . Anatomy . the broad, upper portion of either hipbone. Origin: 1705–1710; < Neo-Latin, special use of Medieval Latin īlium, as singular of ...

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ilium n. , pl. , -ia . The uppermost and widest of the three bones constituting either of the lateral halves of the pelvis

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Definition of ILIUM: the broad, dorsal, upper, and largest of the three principal bones composing either half of the pelvis . See ilium defined for kids В»

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IlВ·iВ·um (l-m) See Troy. ilВ·iВ·um (l-m) n. pl. ilВ·iВ·a (--) The uppermost and widest of the three bones constituting either of the lateral halves of the pelvis.

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