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Definition of Illacerable

adjective Not lacerable; incapable of being torn or rent.

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Illacerable Meaning and Definition

(a.) Not lacerable; incapable of being torn or rent. Illacerable: words in the definition. Being, Incapable, Lacerable, Not, Of, Or, Rent, Torn,

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Illacerable Il*lac"er*a*ble , a . [L . illacerabilis: cf . F . illac[ ' e]rable . See {In - } not , and {Lacerable} . ] Not lacerable; incapable of being torn ...

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Dictionary definitions and example sentences on ... reverse dictionary. Words that contain this word in their definition. illacerable

labile and illability and illacerabile and illacrymable

We hope to buy garments with tough fabric, garments that cannot easily be torn, illacerable clothes. But the word might have a deeper psychological meaning.

Ill-timed | Define Ill-timed at

illacerable ... adjective . badly timed; inopportune.

Illconceived | Define Illconceived at

illacerable ... adjective . badly conceived or planned: an ill-conceived project.

Illecebrous - Definition of Illecebrous by Webster Dictionary

Illacerable Illacrymable Illampu Illapsable Illapse Illaqueable Illaqueate Illaqueation Illation Illative Illative conversion Illative sense Illatively Illaudable

Illapse - definition of Illapse by the Free Online Dictionary ...

ill-wishing ill. ill. ill. ill. ILLA Illabile Illacerable illacrimation Illacrymable Illahee State Park Illam Illampu Illampu IllampГє IllampГє Illapsable

Illaqueation - definition of Illaqueation by the Free Online ...

Il`la`que`aВґtion. n. 1. The act of catching or insnaring. 2. A snare; a trap. ... Illacerable

Illative sense - Definition of Illative sense by Webster's ...

Word: Browse. ill-use ill-used Ill-will Ill-wisher Illabile Illacerable