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Definition of Illation

noun The act or process of inferring from premises or reasons; perception of the connection between ideas; that which is inferred; inference; deduction; conclusion.

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  • Illative adjective Relating to, dependent on, or denoting, illation; inferential; conclusive; as, an illative consequence or proposition;...

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ilВ·laВ·tion ( -l sh n). n. 1. The act of inferring or drawing conclusions. 2. A conclusion drawn; a deduction. Also called - Cached - Similar

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Adriaan moved to Pierce's American illation whereby an if begets a therefore, event by event, the javelin's flight issuing from the web of contingencies in which - Cached - Similar

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Late Latin illation-, illatio, from Latin, action of bringing in, from inferre (past participle illatus) to bring in, from in- + ferre to carry — more at tolerate, bear - Cached - Similar

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Origin: 1525–35; < Late Latin illātiōn- (stem of illātiō) a carrying in, equivalent to Latin illāt(us) suppletive past participle of inferre to bring in, bear in (il- il-1 + lātus - Cached - Similar

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Welcome to the company profile of Illation on LinkedIn. Illation was formed in 2002 by professionals with a long-term involvement in the Business - Cached - Similar

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origin C16: from L. illatio(n-), from illat-, inferre (see infer). 'illation' also found in these Oxford entries: illative. Forum discussions with the word(s) "illation" in the - Cached - Similar