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Definition of Illegitimacy

noun The state of being illegitimate.

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  • Bastardy noun The state of being a bastard; illegitimacy.noun The procreation of a bastard child.

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Illegitimacy has affected not only the illegitimate individuals themselves. The stress that such circumstances of birth once regularly visited upon families, - Cached - Similar

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Also found in: Medical, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Hutchinson, 0.01 sec. ilВ· leВ·gitВ·iВ·maВ·cy ( l -j t -m -s ). n. 1. The quality or condition of being illegitimate. - Cached - Similar

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ilВ·leВ·gitВ·iВ·maВ·cy. noun \ЛЊi-li-Л€ji-tЙ™-mЙ™-sД“\. Definition of ILLEGITIMACY. 1. : the quality or state of being illegitimate. 2. : bastardy 2. See illegitimacy defined for kids - Cached - Simil

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Illegitimacy definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar


As generally defined, and as understood in this article, illegitimacy denotes the condition of children born out of - Cached - Similar

Adoption History: Illegitimacy

24 Feb 2012 ... Illegitimacy is not a widely used word today, and young people may not even recognize it as an insult. The term designated unmarried mothers, - Cached - Similar

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14 Apr 2007 ... If your ancestor was a 'bastard', tracing the father will be hard - but not impossible - Cached - Similar

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20 Feb 2012 ... From Yahoo! News: Just as the AP Stylebook advised journalists against using the term “illegitimate child,” illegitimacy is becoming more - Cached - Similar

Illegitimacy and illegitimates in English history

illegitimacy, and it immediately poses three problems for the anthropologist and the historian ... What was the rate of illegitimacy in our country before civil - Cached - Similar