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Definition of Illiberalism

noun Illiberality.

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An illiberal democracy, also called a pseudo democracy, partial democracy, low intensity democracy, empty democracy, hybrid regime or delegative democracy, - Cached - Similar

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ilВ·libВ·erВ·al ( -l b r- l). adj. 1. Narrow-minded; bigoted. 2. Archaic Ungenerous, mean , or stingy. 3. Archaic. a. Lacking liberal culture. b. Ill-bred; - Cached - Similar

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Examples of ILLIBERALISM. <a woman who fails to see that her unexamined faith in political liberalism actually makes her guilty of illiberalism> - Cached - Similar

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In recent years, Democrats and Republicans have endorsed illiberal policies that include the pursuit of global hegemony, the launching of a preventive war, - Cached - Similar

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America's Liberal Illiberalism

States, with its long-standing Liberal tradition, come to embrace the illiberal .... paradoxical argument that U.S. illiberalism has deep roots in the Liberal tradi- - Similar

Australia: the world leader in illiberalism | Chris Snowdon | spiked

25 May 2011 ... Australia: the world leader in illiberalism. From bans on video games to drinks advertising, Australia has become the world's number one nanny - Cached - Similar

Neo-illiberalism is India's bane : SA Aiyar's blog-The Times Of India

17 Jul 2011 ... But we have moved from the old illiberalism (where everything was controlled) to a new illiberalism, where some sectors are liberalized - Cached - Similar

The dangers of illiberalism call for a pluralist state | openDemocracy

10 Jan 2011 ... Associative Democracy was published a couple of years after Francis Fukuyama elaborated his post-Cold War 'end of History' thesis in book - Cached - Similar

'They Saw a Protest': Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct ...

9 Feb 2011 ... Cultural cognition” refers to the unconscious influence of individuals' group commitments on their perceptions of legally consequential - Similar