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Definition of Illiterate

adjective Ignorant of letters or books; unlettered; uninstructed; uneducated; as, an illiterate man, or people.

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  • Agrammatist noun A illiterate person.
  • Peasantlike adjective Rude; clownish; illiterate.
  • Uncult adjective Not cultivated; rude; illiterate.
  • Unlearned adjective Not learned; untaught; uneducated; ignorant; illiterate.adjective Not gained by study; not known.adjective Not...
  • Missis noun A mistress; a wife; -- so used by the illiterate.
  • Patois noun A dialect peculiar to the illiterate classes; a provincial form of speech.
  • Lector noun A reader of lections; formerly, a person designated to read lessons to the illiterate.
  • Ain't A contraction for are not and am not; also used for is not. [Colloq. or illiterate speech]. See An't.

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Definition of ILLITERATE. 1: having little or no education; especially: unable to read or write <an illiterate population> 2. a: showing or marked by a lack of ...

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adjective 1. unable to read and write: an illiterate group. 2. having or demonstrating very little or no education. 3. showing lack of culture , especially in ...

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ilВ·litВ·erВ·ate (-l t r-t) adj. 1. a. Unable to read and write. b. Having little or no formal education. 2. a. Marked by inferiority to an expected standard of ...

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illiterate adj. Unable to read and write. Having little or no formal education. Marked by inferiority to an expected standard of familiarity with language

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ignorant; uneducated; esp., not knowing how to read or write; having or showing limited knowledge, experience, or culture, esp. in some particular field: musically ...

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Unable to read and write. В· Having less than an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature, or having little formal education. В· Not ...

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Farewell Illiterate After nearly seven years, with much ground turned over, it is time for Illiterate to say goodbye. What began as a forum for presenting new ...

Urban Dictionary: illiterate

1. illiterate (adjective) to not be able to read or write in a specific language. Used loosely, it can describe someone who is just an incredibly sloppy speller.