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Definition of Ill-omened

adjective Having unlucky omens; inauspicious. See Note under Ill, adv.

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ill-omened adj doomed to be unlucky; ill-fated Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Adj. 1. ill-omened - marked by or promising bad fortune; "their ...

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adjective having or attended by bad omens; ill-starred. Origin: 1675–85

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adjective having or attended by bad omens; ill-starred. Origin: 1675–85

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having bad omens; ill-fated; inauspicious

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How to use ill-omened in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ill-omened. ill-omened example sentences.

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Having a bad omen; inauspicious; unlucky ... Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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Definition of ILL-OMENED: having or marked by bad omens : inauspicious, unlucky <it was to be an ill-omened day for them> Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: illoricate

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Definition of ill-omened in the Dictionary. Meaning of ill-omened. What does ill-omened mean? Proper usage of the word ill-omened. Information about ...