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Definition of Illuming

p. pr. & vb. n. of Illume

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tr.v. ilВ·lumed, ilВ·lumВ·ing, ilВ·lumes. To illuminate. [Short for illumine (probably on the model of French verbs in -lumer, to light up, such as allumer, to light).] - Cached - Similar

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“Most interesting to me was that the Headmaster didn't reprimand any of this, most perplexing was Axley's motives for illuming us, most hopeful was the private - Cached - Similar

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Is Illuming a Scrabble word? Is it Scrabble dictionary, and What is Illuming definition, Anagrams of Illuming, Scrabble score for Illuming, images of Illuming, and - Cached - Similar

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13 Feb 2012 ... "illuming" is a present participle form of "illume": to make lighter or brighter. Synonyms: illuminate, illumine, light, light up. Type of: - Similar


illuming. ... illuming. 8 letters in word "illuming": G I I L L M N U. No anagrams for illuming found in this word list. illumines в†ђ; illuminers в†ђ; illuminer в†ђ; illuming - Cached - Similar

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... English conjugation. Infinitive: to illume (illumed|illumed) - Cached - Similar