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Definition of Illuminating

  1. p. pr. & vb. n. of Illuminate
  2. adjective Giving or producing light; used for illumination.

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  • Carburetant noun Any volatile liquid used in charging illuminating gases.
  • Irradiant adjective Irradiating or illuminating; as, the irradiant moon.
  • Electrolier noun A branching frame, often of ornamental design, to support electric illuminating lamps.
  • Gaslight noun The light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas.noun A gas jet or burner.
  • Illumination noun The act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated.noun Festive decoration of houses or...
  • Enlimn transitive verb To adorn by illuminating or ornamenting with colored and decorated letters and figures, as a book or manuscript.

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ilВ·luВ·miВ·nate (-l m-n t) v. ilВ·luВ·miВ·natВ·ed, ilВ·luВ·miВ·natВ·ing, ilВ·luВ·miВ·nates. 1. To provide or brighten with light. 2. To decorate or hang with ...

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Central site for Ohio Edison, Illuminating Company, Toledo Edison, and Penn Power. Bill pay, customer service, new and disconnect service.

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adjective 1. giving or casting light. 2. informative; enlightening. Origin: 1555–65; illuminate + -ing 2 Related forms non·il·lu·mi·nat·ing, adjective non·il ...

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Stop Service (Move Out) Request Tree Work. Report Streetlight Problem

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Definition of ILLUMINATE. 1. archaic: brightened with light . 2. archaic: intellectually or spiritually enlightened . First Known Use of ILLUMINATE. 15th century

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Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (The Illuminating Company) provides reliable electric service to customers in northeastern Ohio. Connect Utilities can help ...

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illuminating ( lmndi ) ( graphic arts ) The hand decoration of books, as done in medieval times, with drawings and minia

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