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Definition of Illusion

  1. noun An unreal image presented to the bodily or mental vision; a deceptive appearance; a false show; mockery; hallucination.
  2. noun Hence: Anything agreeably fascinating and charning; enchantment; witchery; glamour.
  3. noun A sensation originated by some external object, but so modified as in any way to lead to an erroneous perception; as when the rolling of a wagon is mistaken for thunder.
  4. noun A plain, delicate lace, usually of silk, used for veils, scarfs, dresses, etc.

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  • Fairy noun Enchantment; illusion.noun The country of the fays; land of illusions.noun An imaginary supernatural being or spirit,...
  • Illusionable adjective Liable to illusion.
  • Prestige verb Delusion; illusion; trick.verb Weight or influence derived from past success; expectation of future achievements founded on...
  • Disillusionize transitive verb To disenchant; to free from illusion.
  • Illusionist noun One given to illusion; a visionary dreamer.
  • Disillusion noun The act or process of freeing from an illusion, or the state of being freed therefrom.transitive verb To free from an...

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