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Definition of Insensibleness

noun Insensibility.

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inВ·senВ·siВ·ble ( n-s n s -b l). adj. 1. a. Imperceptible; inappreciable: an insensible change in temperature. b. Very small or gradual: insensible movement. 2. - Cached - Similar

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incapable or bereft of feeling or sensation: as a : unconscious <knocked insensible by a sudden blow> b : lacking sensory perception or ability to react - Cached - Similar

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insensible —adj (foll by of or to). 1. lacking sensation or consciousness. 2. unaware (of) or indifferent (to): insensible to suffering. 3. thoughtless or callous - Cached - Similar

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“For if our end be in not being, and that be infinite and unalterable, then hath privation of good found out an eternal evil, to wit, a never ending insensibleness.” - Cached - Similar

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noun. Lack of emotion or interest: apathy, disinterest, impassivity, incuriosity, incuriousness, indifference, insensibility, lassitude, lethargy, listlessness, phlegm, - Similar

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Insensibleness - Meaning and definition. ... Look up: Insensibleness. Insensibleness InВ·sen'siВ·bleВ·ness noun Insensibility. Bp. Hall. Found on - Cached - Similar dictionary :: insensibleness :: German-English translation German-English Dictionary: Translation for - Cached - Similar