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Definition of Jacquard

adjective Pertaining to, or invented by, Jacquard, a French mechanician, who died in 1834.

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Definition of JACQUARD. 1. a: the control mechanism of a Jacquard loom b: jacquard loom. 2: a fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern . Origin of JACQUARD

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jacquard also Jacquard n. A fabric with an intricately woven pattern. A special loom or the method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric

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noun ( often initial capital letter ) 1. a fabric with an elaborately woven pattern produced on a Jacquard loom . 2. Jacquard loom. Jacquard Comforter ...

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Jac·quard (j k ärd, j-kärd, zhä-kär), Joseph Marie 1752-1834. French inventor of the jacquard loom (1801), the first automatic loom able to weave complex patterns.

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