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Definition of Knickerbockers

noun plural The name for a style of short breeches; smallclothes.

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Knickerbockers are men's or boys' breeches or baggy-kneed trousers particularly popular in the early twentieth century USA. Golfers' plus twos and plus fours - Cached - Similar

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Title: All Ages: Modern Day Escape, Dr. Acula, The Bunny the Bear, Location: Knickerbockers Start Time: 18:00 Date: 2012-06-16 End Time: 21:00 Ticketmaster - Cached - Similar

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The term "Knickerbockers" traces its origin back to the Dutch settlers who came to the New World -- and especially to what is now New York -- in ...Series standings: Knicks 1 - 4 HeatTeam-Tickets-Schedule-News-Stats-HistoryLossHeat87-70Knicks-Recap-High


Knickerbocker's Home Decor. ... Our Locations. There are currently three Knickerbocker's locations ... 05 May 2012. Exciting Changes! We are re- organizing our - Cached - Similar

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Mr Knickerbocker Header Image, Header Menu. Search. **COMING SOON* ... Welcome to Mr Knickerbocker. Content Div. Congrats to Seniors. Follow Us - Cached - Similar

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KnickВ·erВ·bockВ·er (n k r-b k r). n. 1. a. A descendant of the Dutch settlers of New York. b. A native or inhabitant of New York. 2. knickerbockers Full breeches - Cached - Similar

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Welcome to the Knickerbocker Bar & Grill. 33 University Place | 212 - 228-8490. At the heart of the Greenwich Village. SKIP - Cached - Similar