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Definition of Lubricity

  1. noun Smoothness; freedom from friction; also, property, which diminishes friction; as, the lubricity of oil.
  2. noun Slipperiness; instability; as, the lubricity of fortune.
  3. noun Lasciviousness; propensity to lewdness; lewdness; lechery; incontinency.

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Jump to: navigation, search. Lubricity is the measure of the reduction in friction of a lubricant. The study of lubrication and mechanism wear is called - Cached - Similar

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the property or state of being lubricious; also : the capacity for reducing friction. First Known Use of LUBRICITY. 15th century. Rhymes with LUBRICITY. basicity - Cached - Similar

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luВ·bricВ·iВ·ty (l -br s -t ). n. The quality or condition of being lubricious. [Late Latin l bricit s, slipperiness, from Latin l bricus, slippery; see sleubh- in Indo-European - Cached - Similar

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ability to lubricate; capacity for lubrication: the wonderful lubricity of this new oil. 3 . instability; shiftiness; fleeting nature: the lubricity of fame and fortune. - Cached - Similar

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1 Jun 2006 ... Lubricity analysis using the SLBOCLE and HFRR test procedures have ... 15 ppm low sulfur diesel fuel will exhibit lower lubricity than found in - Cached - Similar


9 May 2012 ... Alex W. Rodriguez on Jazz and Other Slippery - Cached - Similar

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Lubricity Additives. Concerns over diesel engine emissions have led to new regulations to reduce the fuel sulphur and aromatics content in diesel fuel. Refinery - Cached - Similar

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Stanadyne Lubricity Formula Extra strength lubricity improver for use with very dry or "winter blend" fuels such as, jet fuel, kerosene or #1 diesel. Approved by - Cached - Similar

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additives to replace the vital lubricity component in ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) fuel. ... producing ULSD fuel must replace the lost lubricity with - Cached - Similar