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Definition of Luciferously

adverb In a luciferous manner.

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Dec 6, 2011 ... Definition of LUCIFEROUS. : bringing light or insight : illuminating <a luciferous performance of the opera>. Origin of LUCIFEROUS ...

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Welcome to Luciferous Logolepsy, a collection of over 9000 obscure English words. Though the definition of an "English" word might seem to be straightforward, ...

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Traditionally, Lucifer is a name that in English generally refers to the Devil or Satan, especially in reference to his status as a fallen angel. In Latin, from which the ...

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Lucifer match "friction match" is from 1831. Adjectival forms include Luciferian, Luciferine, Luciferous. There was a noted Bishop Lucifer of Cagliari in Sardinia in ...