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Definition of Lucky

  1. superlative degree Favored by luck; fortunate; meeting with good success or good fortune; -- said of persons; as, a lucky adventurer.
  2. superlative degree Producing, or resulting in, good by chance, or unexpectedly; favorable; auspicious; fortunate; as, a lucky mistake; a lucky cast; a lucky hour.

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  • Lucky proach See Fatherlasher.
  • Sonsy adjective Lucky; fortunate; thriving; plump.adjective See Soncy.
  • Fool-happy adjective Lucky, without judgment or contrivance.
  • Luckily adverb In a lucky manner; by good fortune; fortunately; -- used in a good sense; as, they luckily escaped injury.
  • Luckiness noun The state or quality of being lucky; as, the luckiness of a man or of an event.noun Good fortune; favorable issue or event.
  • Unlucky adjective Not lucky; not successful; unfortunate; ill-fated; unhappy; as, an unlucky man; an unlucky adventure; an unlucky throw...
  • Happy superlative degree Favored by hap, luck, or fortune; lucky; fortunate; successful; prosperous; satisfying desire; as, a happy...

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adjective, luckВ·iВ·er, luckВ·iВ·est. 1. having or marked by good luck ; fortunate: That was my lucky day. 2. happening fortunately: a lucky accident. 3. bringing or ...

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luckВ·y (l k) adj. luckВ·iВ·er, luckВ·iВ·est. 1. Having or attended by good luck. See Synonyms at happy. 2. Occurring by chance; fortuitous. 3. Believed to bring good ...

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