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Definition of Lumbricus

noun A genus of annelids, belonging to the Oligochaeta, and including the common earthworms. See Earthworm.

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  • Lumbricoid adjective Like an earthworm; belonging to the genus Lumbricus, or family Lumbricidae.
  • Angleworm noun A earthworm of the genus Lumbricus, frequently used by anglers for bait. See Earthworm.
  • Earthworm noun Any worm of the genus Lumbricus and allied genera, found in damp soil. One of the largest and most abundant species in...

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Lumbricus contains some of the most commonly seen earthworms in Europe. The genus has nearly 700 valid species. Characteristics of some commonly - Cached - Similar

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The Lumbricus Lid, pronounced \Л€lЙ™m-brЙ™-kЙ™s\, is a promotional headwear item for the Soldier. It is a webbed helmet adorned with Worms-style eyebrows and a - Cached - Similar

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Learn more about the Earthworm - with amazing Earthworm videos, photos and facts on - Cached - Similar

Earthworm: Lumbricus

Photographs and information on the worms in this - Cached - Similar

Lumbricus terrestris

Lumbricus Terrestris. Rebecca A., Colin S., Elizabeth C., Angela L. 2nd period. I. Scientific name/ Common Name. Scientific Name: Lumbricus Terrestris - Cached - Similar

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Lumbricus terrestris is a common species of earthworm. What do we mean by “ species”? You may think of it as a “kind” of animal, like “cat” or “dog.” A species is - Cached

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1 Mar 2012 ... The Lumbricus Lid is a headwear item for the Soldier that was awarded to those who purchased the game Worms: Reloaded before September - Cached - Similar

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Home of the Lumbricus rubellus genome project @ The Blaxter Lab, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Edinburgh - Cached - Similar