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Definition of Luscious

  1. adjective Sweet; delicious; very grateful to the taste; toothsome; excessively sweet or rich.
  2. adjective Cloying; fulsome.
  3. adjective Gratifying a depraved sense; obscene.

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  • Overluscious adjective Excessively luscious.
  • Dulcet adjective Sweet to the taste; luscious.adjective Sweet to the ear; melodious; harmonious.
  • Mango noun The fruit of the mango tree. It is rather larger than an apple, and of an ovoid shape. Some varieties are fleshy and...

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adjective 1. highly pleasing to the taste or smell: luscious peaches. 2. richly satisfying to the senses or the mind: the luscious style of his poetry. 3. richly ...

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adjective: delicious, delectable. Synonyms: adorable , ambrosial , appetizing, choice ... adjective: tasting very good. Synonyms: aperitive, appealing, delectable ...

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highly gratifying to taste or smell, esp. because of a rich sweetness; delicious; delighting any of the senses having a strong sensual appeal; voluptuous; delighting ...