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Definition of Luxuriate

  1. intransitive verb To grow exuberantly; to grow to superfluous abundance.
  2. intransitive verb To feed or live luxuriously; as, the herds luxuriate in the pastures.
  3. intransitive verb To indulge with unrestrained delight and freedom; as, to luxuriate in description.

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luxВ·uВ·riВ·atВ·edluxВ·uВ·riВ·atВ·ing. Definition of LUXURIATE. intransitive verb. 1. a : to grow profusely : thrive b : to develop extensively. 2. : to indulge oneself luxuriously : - Cached - Similar

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luxВ·uВ·riВ·ate (l g-zh r - t , l k-sh r -). intr.v. luxВ·uВ·riВ·atВ·ed, luxВ·uВ·riВ·atВ·ing, luxВ·uВ·riВ·ates. 1. To take luxurious pleasure; indulge oneself. 2. To proliferate. 3. To grow - Cached - Similar

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Synonyms for luxuriate at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the - Cached - Similar

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Luxuriate definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

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Founded in 2010, The Luxuriate is a self-initiated project aimed at providing ... The Luxuriate brings in exclusive accessories where women can truly assert their - Cached

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buy luxuriate mugs & shirts ... I am going to luxuriate in the beauty of the prom dress. ... "Nah, I'm not going out tonight... gonna just stay in and luxuriate myself." - Cached - Similar

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luxuriate (third-person singular simple present luxuriates, present participle luxuriating, simple past and past participle luxuriated). (intransitive) To enjoy - Cached - Similar

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luxuriate intr.v. , -ated , -ating , -ates . To take luxurious pleasure; indulge oneself. To - Cached - Similar

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▶verb (luxuriate in/over) enjoy as a luxury. – origin C17: from L. luxuriat-, luxuriare 'grow in abundance'. 'luxuriate' also found in these Oxford entries: - Cached